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Dj Nadine Iskandar

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Sweet and outgoing those are most suitable words to describe Miss Nadine  loving a turntable and looking upon as on of her dreams, she is now on the step making those real by standing behind it and enjoying all the music she playing.


Miss Nadine knows what it's like to face down prejudice. When she first started spinning, she noticed that many male party-goers would "stand around the tables and wait for me to mess up." Most walked away shocked at her razor-sharp beat matching and flawless harmonics. When asked about the reasons guys might assume she can't REALLY spin (can she?, she concedes, "We're just judged a lot harder.“


Nadine has played in every events and clubs such as Underground (Semarang), Crown (Samarinda),  Repvblik (Yogyakarta), M1 (Pontianak), Golden Palace (Jambi), PC (palembang), Marina (Lombok), Zona (Samarinda), Tobasa (Medan), M-One Pub (batam), Seventh Skies (Tarakan), Boshe (Yogya), Natajaya (Surabaya), Centerstage (Lampung), Zodiac Pub (Medan), Red square ( Samarinda & Jkt), rainbow club (Bengkulu), X2 club (Jakarta), Luv Bar (Jakarta), Blizt92 ( Ambon), Nu'China (Jakarta), Goship Club (Bandung),Panasonic Lounching asia(Bali), Etc