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Dj Velova

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A young girl, who was performing under a name of DJ Velova, became seriously involved into the club life in 2014. her drive and talent helped her become an important figure in club culture of Indonesia. Being a popular and successful DJ, Velova is always trying to preserve the origins of underground music in her sets, which are designed for all types of audiences, from clubby penthouses to dance floors of big clubs. DJ Velova performed in all popular clubs of Bali.

Born 22 years ago, and with a short trajectory, but breaking the mold, DJ Velova is forever polishing her skills to become one the best female DJ in Indonesia. Her base influence in getting involved in music from her childhood was her father, who was a musician, experimenting with every style and musical influence by internationally renowned DJ’s : Armin Van Buuren, Calvin harris, Kygo, Fat Boy Slim
In 2015 she became known as Dj Velova moved to Elite Sounds Bali (International Dj & Art Management ) a standard by which all other promoters, producers and DJs can be measured.

True electronic dance music we should say Velova  has played many best local club in all around Indonesia .She tried so hard proving that female Dj have their unique style & hottest track.. We were not just talk about skillful mixing Technique , the important things are : How to make the party hype .

If you looking for crowd pleaser, Velova  is your Dj