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DJ Ian Charles

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You have to go back to the mid 90’s to see where the journey of Ian Charles first began. Resident dj in a room all of his own in the famous CULTARUL VIBES @ SCREEM in PLYMOUTH was where he learned trade. In 98 he decided to pack up the tunes and make a go of it in Bali.

Immediately given a residency at club 66 Ian found himself dj’ing 3 nights a week at the famous spot it has now become. Between 98 up until now Ian has held residencies in most of the well known clubs around Indonesia, more recognized for the amazing after hours parties at THE VILLAS nightclub in Bali, he was the first international resident dj in JAKARTA working at MUSRO with his long term partner GRAHAM HARDING.

Having mixed with basically every well known Indonesian dj in the country, way back when they were also making a name for themselves, Ian is still here, and now has decided to go back on the circuit. Currently he has his own company ELITE SOUNDS, situated in Bali and is working alongside JUSTIN ALEXANDER and dj SOMA in event organizing whilst working closely with the new GATECRASHER club soon to open in SURABAYA.

Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Kupang, Medan and Yogjakarta are just some of the many places Ian has dj’d at over the past 10 years. To describe the kind of sound you’ll get on an Ian Charles dancefloor is a blend of understanding and learning he’s taken in over the years from the asian ears. Starting with house into a progressive tribal vocal collision course, it’s sure to suit one and all.

Discography of Dj Ian Charles.

1993-1998 resident DJ @ Screem Plymouth Warehouse.
1998-2000 resident Dj @ 66 club Bali.
2000-20001 resident DJ @ The Villas Bali.
20001-2002 resident DJ @ Musro Jakarta.
2003-2004 resident DJ @ Euro Bandung.
2004-2005 resident DJ @ Isatana FM Surabaya and club Redbox.
2006-2007 resident DJ @ 66, Bacio.
2008-2009 resident DJ @ Hynotique bar and lounge, Bali.

Ian has played alongside DJ’S such as Dave Seaman, Judge Jules, Brandon Block, Stephane K, John Carter, and Nick Warren to name but a few.

Cities in Indonesia include Jakarta, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Makassar, Kupang, Lombok and the Gilly Islands, Bandung. and Bali respectively.